Bài Hát Cho Ngày Vesak by Andrew Williams

Do not evil, do only good , train your mind
This is the teaching of the Buddha
This is the path to enlightement

In everything we do we want pleasure
In what we see
In what we hear
In what we smell
In what we taste
In what we touch
In what we thin
We think this is happens

Cảm thọ

Những việc ta làm là
Ta mong tìm khoái lạc
Từ những gì nhìn thấy
Từ những việc ta nghe ,
Từ mùi hương ta ngữi
Lục vị qua chiếc lưỡi
Cảm giác sờ vật thực
Điều ta nghĩ là thực
Việc nầy sẽ xẫy ra
Việc nầy sẽ xẩy ra


What does all that mean?
What is beyond these palace walls
There must be more to life
Something seems to be missing
I feel I am not free
I feel I am trapped here
It seems things are not what they appear to be
Why I am not satisfied ?
I must see for myself
What is beyond these palace walls
I must see for myself
What is the meaning of life

Chân lý cuộc đời

Để hiểu ra chân lý cuộc đời
Trong hoàng cung hay ở bên ngoài,
Việc có khác hay là không khác ?
Đời là thế hay còn hơn thế ?
Điều chưa đủ, ta chưa biết đủ ?
Như ngục tù, vây kín quanh ta
Cảm giác rằng ràng buộc nơi ta.
Cảm giác ấy mãi còn vương vấn
Hiện thực phải chăng là chân thực?
Sao ta mãi hãycòn vương vấn,
Sự thực này, vẫn muốn tìm ra,
Ngoài hoàng cung, sau bốn bức tường .
Ta vẫn muốn tìm ra sự thực,
Để rõ ra chân lý cuộc đời ?


This is old age
As time passes
We all get older
This is sickness
It can happen at anytime
No one can stop it
It can happen to any one
This is death
The end of life
Every one will die one day
You, me , every one
This is the Holy Way
A simple life, free from wordly desire,
Seeking the meaning of life
For the good of everyone

We all grow old, get sick and die
There must be an end to all this suffering
What is the point of living if we must die
I must find out the reason why
Ah! But that holy man
So calm, so at peace
He is one who has renounced the world
Living so naturally, in harmony
Seeking the answer , to the meaning of life
I must know for myself, what is the meaning of life

6. Farewell

My dear Yosodhara, the time has come for me to leave you and our son
I am to assume a more important
And responsible role at once I leave you now
My love and compassion for those who suffer
Is of greater concern and for the good of all
Since both of you have everything in abundance,
Farewell, Farewell, Farewell my love, Farewell.
Farewell, Farewell, for the good of all , Farewell
My dear friend Channa, the time has come
For me to say goodbye to you ,
Take these clothes, ornaments, my hair and my sword
Back to the palace with you
Give them to my father and tell him,
I have put on my ascetic robe.
From now on, my effort and time
Will be use to attain enlightenment,
Farewell, Farewell, Farewell royal crown, Farewell
I wiI will not look back untill I have achieved my noble aaal alm,
Tell my wife and my mother that I am in good health
An And I am well. There is no need to search for me
At the appropriate tim I shall return,
Farewell, Farewell, Farewell my friend Farewell ,
Farewell, Farewell, for the good of all , Farewell

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